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Regular Professional Cleanings Prolong the Life of Your Upholstered Furniture

It is important to clean upholstered furniture on a regular basis to minimize dirt and dust in your home or office. Often dust cannot be seen with the naked eye, that’s why you should contact us for a professional cleaning service in Raleigh. Dust mites are found deep within the fabric on your couch, oversized chairs, dining room chairs and other furniture. We recommend you vacuum your furniture often to remove loose dirt and to lift surface dust and contact us for a deep cleaning.

On the other hand, often times you will clearly notice stains and body oils left behind on your furniture. Without our regular professional upholstery cleanings in Raleigh, the effects of heavy use, kids and pets can be seen as soon as you walk in a room. If your couch often acts as the kitchen table or your dining room chairs for the occasional homework or craft project, they suffer the most when it comes to stains and spots.

We offer steam extraction services in Raleigh, which is an excellent method for upholstery cleaning. It is important to always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning upholstery. With regular cleaning, your upholstered furniture will have a much longer life and stay newer-looking, longer.